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Audio classification using Image classification techniques

Both Image classification and audio classification were challenging tasks for a machine to do till AI and neural networks technology came to the scene. Research on both problems were started decades before and something fruitful started coming out after the inception of Artificial intelligence and neural networks. Classification is always easier task for a human. Hope you all agree.. But I can't 100% agree with that statement. Why am I contradicting my own statement? I am not mad but there are certain cases like It's really hard to identify who is Jiswin and who is Jeswin (my friends) because both are identical twins and we can't make a judgement correctly with only our vision. Leave the identical twins case suppose we ordered a veg burger and a chicken burger, if they don't tell us which is chicken and which is veg will we be able to recognise it correctly? So there are certain cases in where human intelligence also fails. These are really simple examples from our d

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