About the blog

Hi guys, This is not my first blog and not the first post that I am posting but still confused how to start. Yeah well I know it's a common thing among us (bloggers) ;p. But I am just writing it out whatever it's coming to my mind. Actually It's been several years I was wandering around this wonderful techie world. The journey was quite beautiful, colorful and off course adventurous.
The important things that I ever learned during this journey, I just wrote down those topics on several blogs, Minerbots, LFS, Security. The most important thing why I am writing this blogs where to keep track of myself, to not to forget, like keeping notes. Later after few years now I really felt like I should write down the things that I learned, the things which amazed me so that others also can read and learn. I will be mostly writing about cloud, security, python libraries, machine learning, linux, chatbots, html, css, web frameworks and a lot more.

I know the price for your hunger to code and try is a dose of dopamine kick which develops an emotion called satisfaction and I am pretty sure this blog will be your dopamine kick shop.. 😉😎. Stay tuned for more updates....


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