Be the archictecture of your future..

Hi guys, This is my very first tech post that I am writing on our blog. I just want to explain you how technology is going to reshape our future. I know that line was a bit confusing. How technology can reshape our future? Still we don't know what is our future. Then how we can reshape it? well you people must believe in astrology I guess. So astrology can predict the future for an extend right?.. But we techies we need proof for any prediction. So astrology can't give any proof for predictions as far as I know. But what if it is possible by some technologies?? Do you guys ever thought of something like this much coool?? Yes, its possible, here comes our heroes big data and machine learning 😎😎. 

Big data means big data(big collection of data). This data can be related or not related. Machine learning is just a new type of programming architecture in which we can predict things. For example we can predict what all things are in an image, we can predict the stock market, we can classify images,music,text etc. So what we normally do in machine learning is we just train the machine with a lot of data that we have. This data can be of any type, image,text,audio etc. We can train a machine for email classification, image classification, stock market prediction etc. After training a machine it might be able to do some particular task more efficiently than human. Yeah.. machine learning rocks😎.
Using this Big data and machine learning algorithms how we are going to reshape the future? Terms are clear but still confusing?πŸ˜• 

Ok then, consider this example, I am going to start a business.. let it be a smart phone manufacturing company. As we already know there are many smart phone manufacturing giants eating the big part of market already, it might be little tough to compete on market whatever the business strategy is. So as a first step for catching market I start advertising on several social media platforms like facebook, twitter etc. So the promotion and everything went well as we got so many likes and shares πŸ˜…. So then I launched my product. For 2,3 days it was fine. Then my business got freezed. No one is buying our product. Then I find out that some people where giving false reports about our product in social medias and that made market dull for our product. Now, this scene can be one future. Let me explain how we can reshape it smartly..

From the moment when we start promotions and advertisements we should monitor the feed backs that we are getting on social medias. We can't do that manually because that will be a hell lot of data for a single location which we are targeting. So here we should use big data analytics and machine learning for producing the insights from this big data. So that's it, we will get the people in numbers who all likes and dislikes our product, we will get to know what they like and what they dislike in our product in each steps of marketing. Now with this data we will be able to predict the chances for success. Or we can get what parameters should be changed to make the business to be successful. So what we are practically doing is reshaping the future πŸ˜„. 

So what you are waiting for learn some machine learning... predict your future and reshape it according to you wish. Be the architecture of your future..😎😎😎



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