Human surveillance engines!!

Today I just read an article titled '60+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2017'. And I just wondered how these platforms are gaining popularity and people's attention while there are already some giants like Facebook, twitter, google plus etc. If these 60+ social networking sites are there in market and running successfully, it shows the readiness of people to try something new. Most of the them which I found where same old wine in different good looking bottles. 

Once Richard Stallman said 'Facebook is not your friend, it's a human surveillance engine'. And that comment made me think about it. What he said is exactly true. I know some persons who use social networking sites as a tool for their job. But I know some people who update their status daily from morning to night till they sleep. First status, most probably will be "good morning" and the last status will be "good night" and a tons of status in between them which includes the places they went to, emotional state, who all were they with, what all things they had etc. Facebook actually encourages these status updates from its users. Features like feeling hungry,  feeling sad, feeling happy, check-in status etc were added later. Humans always like to know what is happening in thier next-door and they like to boast themselves indirectly. And this attitude of humans made these social networking websites a big hit, they found it as the perfect tool. Majority of them are like this 😜. For this, majority of people, what Richard stallman said is exactly true. The social media acts like a surveillance engine if you are too fool to use it 😎. It will be easy to track you based on your statuses that you updated like locations visited. 

When I saw the article that I mentioned in first paragraph I really thought like 'oh god 60+ human surveillance engines' 😂😂😂. So when we use social media websites use it wisely, don't let them control you and ruin the freedom of your life.

Thank you.😊


  1. yes its true because many research going on in this facebook thing and they conclude that facebook know become a addiction to many peoples


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