What Artificial intelligence can do today?

This article pertains to the people who're extremely eager and curious to explore more about the researches happening across the globe on Artificial Intelligence.
I hope people are aware of the fact that the research on Artificial Intelligence had begun decades ago. All of these researches have undergone several refinements since their inception in 1950s. Evidently, it took almost six decades to come to such a panoramic front stage. Now, the question arises why it took this much time to arrive this way. Well, it's predominantly because of two reasons: computational power and lack of data. All of us know how computer as a machine has largely evolved since then. There is certainly a vast in computers with respect to their size, performance and efficiency from 1950s to 2017. Thanks to gamers for the evolution of GPU.
Now comes the data availability factor. Due to gross lack of data, for period between 1950s to 2000, the motive to work on AI researches remain unaccomplished.
After the invention of Internet people started communicating to each other leading to information exchange that ultimately led to collection of data for such researches.
Since 2015, there had been a witnessed drastic change in the researches that went surreptitious probe on AI which continues to go in a fast pace today.

The IBM 702: a computer used by the first generation of AI researchers. Source : wikipedia

So now we can proudly say that we belong to the era of Artificial Intelligence with best of the computing power and the BIG DATA. AI has unfolded in a way that proves beneficial in all domains,medicals,transportation, business, entertainment to name a few.

Most of this diligent and systematic inquiry in present day is happening on speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision and translation.

Google researchers have developed a machine which successfully identifies tumors as precisely as a doctor does. I have no idea as to how many of you have heard about self-driving car called Tesla by Google. These two are markedly an evident examples of application of AI in advancements towards a better future.

Now, with such applications of AI generation of music is also possible. We can even train a system with our favorite singer's song which it can auto generate and reproduce a completely new song in the voice of the singer of our choice(obviously even if the singer hasn't sung it before). AI is capable of generating images from
images. We can make it dream like a human does. Such projects have already been successfully realised by Google. Some of such AI based projects that are within our approach as a common man are : handwritten documents translation, text summarization, sentiment analysis on text. Some of the practical application of AI are listed below:
  • Image generation
  • Image gap filling
  • Transforming a pixelated image to a high resolution image
  • Object detection from image
  • Story creation from an image(s)
  • Image captioning
  • Lip reading from video or real time
  • Object identification from video
  • Chatbots
  • Sentimental analysis on text
  • Text summarization
  • Automatic question generation and answer evaluation system

Yet the list remains incomplete. There's a lot more..😉. So I hope by now you must be having the big picture regarding Artificial Intelligence(AI).
Here are some links that can be referred for AI researches and projects.

This is not a complete list there are a lot more..😉 So I hope you got the big picture. Here are some links that you can refer for AI researches and projects.

Thank you 😎.
Co author- Ujjwala chitre


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