Red alert.. AI is the future.. AI decides the future

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I won’t say I’m against AI(Artificial Intelligence) or I support AI. AI is the topmost technology which is on the boom these days and I support any technology that makes human life easier.
Ughh..this article might befuddle you a little but I’m sure you’ll be able to make a wise conclusion after you read this article completely.
So let’s see a small conversation of two personal assistants.
siri : Hello cortana, can you share with me Dr.Samuel’s appointments for tommorow?
cortana : Yes, why not!
siri : Can I get an appointment for James with doctor Samuel by tomorrow evening?
cortana : All evening slots are full.
siri : Get a slot for tomorrow evening if it is possible and inform me.
cortana : Yes, ofcourse
siri : Thanks
This conversation is entirely made by me. And I am sure this sort of thing will surely happen in future. AI powered personal assistants will start talking to each other and will make decisions, they will find solutions. Yes, they can even make our next generation stop thinking. We all know that now AI can identify many diseases more precisely than a doctor can. Will AI replace a doctor itself in future? We are just blindly believing everything, not all of us but yes most of us. I would just like to ask one single question.. Are we making a tomorrow where we live our life according to what AI is saying?

Bio-hacking, IoT, Self driving cars….

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How many of you are aware of the term Bio-hacking? I am pretty sure you might be aware of the word cyborg. When I said cyborg the picture which would have come to your mind might be of Arnold schwarzenegger in Terminator :) or it could be of the villain from the same film.
Researchers who believe that human body modification by implanting sensors and other micro-electronic devices can make the human life easier, has created many things that is way far to imagine by a common man. I accept the devices like pace-maker which is needed for the survival of a hurt patient. But when it gets connected to Internet I am really afraid. It’s like giving remote control of a person’s life to others. You might be knowing about IoT, Internet of things. I believe nothing which is connected to Internet is secure.
We all are already mentally connected to Internet from the beginning itself. By the arrival of social media the bond got stronger. People can be easily manipulated using Internet or by Internet. You can read more about it from here.
The day is not far where humans will get physically connected to Internet. Will that be the beginning of AI domination? Will the self driving cars kill humans by making accidents? The speed of development in technology is accelerating too fast. And we can hope this accelerated technological advances will never do harm to humans.

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  1. We have become so habitual of using artificial intelligence in business that it would be hard to imagine a world without it, so I can say that artificial intelligence is going to become more popular in future.

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